Melbourne - Notes from Nikki

The incredible sunshine of Queensland is part of what brought me to Australia so Melbourne has failed to impress me. Travelling through Melbourne on a trip to Tasmania it rained both coming and going and yet the days in between in Tasmania were perfectly lovely.

Arriving in Melbourne via the motorway is a little strange. It isn't hard to make large concrete and steel motorway dividers look pretty. I have seen some lovely designs printed into the huge concrete dividers and some graceful arches and interesting plantings. Melbourne designers had a different idea. On the motorway into town we were met with a series of blue square monoliths that rotated so each was off centre from the next. 

Then there is a brand new fence designed so no panel sits upright and it looks like it is in the process of falling in both directions at once. It is painted the colour of rust to add to the effect. Closer to the city there is a large yellow column that lays at a 45degree angle over the motorway as if it is in the process of falling on passing cars. Bizarre. The best I can say is that the planners have chosen a theme and stuck with it. Melbourne obviously wants to be remembered as the city of falling down structures.

Melbourne has all the culture and beauty a large city should have. The aquarium is delightful and just across the river is a waterside park and shopping precinct. We were there during Chinese New Year and the displays were awe inspiring. The shops are very up market with gold and marble fittings. Perhaps it is because it surrounds the casino with all its glittering facade and tempting games of chance.

The aquarium is delightful.

Getting out of Melbourne was very, very tricky. Just as in some other areas of Australia the roads seem to head off in the wrong direction and it is hard to get your bearings. It obviously isn't just me because asking the locals the direction to the airport was met with blank stares and then three different suggestions that had us driving all over town. Next time I will take a good map.

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