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If you are an aspiring author then you might like to read my book blog.

I recently posted a week of tips called "Seven things I learned from writing and publishing my memoir" as well as "How to Format for Kindle"  along with many more.

I self-published my books through CreateSpace and it cost me almost nothing. I have some of the processes I used written up on this blog.

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Writing Tips and Advice

There are so many generous people that have given me help along the way. 

I follow;

Copyblogger - Smart Tips for blog writers and authors

Novel Publicity - Free Advice as well as professional help for authors

Make a Living Writing - A list of great books for writers as well as other help

And here is another that I wish I had seen when I started;

How to Start a Blog - Helpful information for beginner bloggers

About Me

Nikki Ah Wong Hi there. My name is Nikki and I am the author of several books including "HouseSitting in Australia" and "A Middle-Aged Princess in Tramping Boots." For almost three years I have been a house sitter and I lived like a Princess on less than $200 a week. Currently I am living in Brisbane with my husband on a 2 acres close to the ocean. I still explore Australia on a motorbike and love to share my adventures in my books and on my blog.

About My Books

Nikki Ah Wong I spent almost three years without paying a single utility bill, rent or mortgage payment. My books show you how I lived on less than $200 a week and had the time of my life. There are stories of my housesitting adventures along with insights I learned from my life changing transformation from a depressed housewife to a sort of motorbike riding gypsy. Both books include information for would-be house sitters. Could you be a house sitter? Let me show you how easy it is.

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