Would you like to know how to live in other people's lovely homes for free?

Are you looking for engaging stories of life, love, and adventure?

This book will show you;

  • Where to find house sitting positions
  • What to put on your application
  • How to set up an income that moves with you
  • How to travel for less than $200 a week.

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In this, my first book, I show you all my inside tips and secrets. I also share my inspiring transformation from an ordinary working mother to a house sitter, explorer, and motorbike riding tourist. 

The stories are fun, the adventures are real, and the information is practical. Readers say;

'Nikki has written, not only an inspiring book about how to transform your life, but also a practical and information rich guide to house sitting" and "The author’s focus on obscure and offbeat anecdotes, combined with advice, gives the reader a sense of the uniqueness of the journey and the originality of the author.'

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From a million dollar mansion, to a yacht in New Zealand, my second year house sitting is as adventurous as the first.

It starts with the biggest blunder of my career and ends in fairy tale fashion with a proposal ... under a boat.  

All new stories and helpful information for house sitters, make this a fun follow up to HouseSitting in Australia 

Critics call my books;

'original, witty, engaging, and informative.'

This is a great read for you or an inspiring gift for an adventurous friend.

Front Cover

If a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, then Nikki is in luck. The sea is in turmoil, the wind is on the nose, and the yacht is bouncing around like a bath toy.

Nikki and her husband, need to bring their old yacht from New Zealand to Australia. But first they have to negotiate New Zealand’s rugged East Coast from Napier to Cape Reinga. It’s a trip designed to test the most experienced sailor, and Nikki doesn’t know a boom from a jib.

Phil has to plot the course, steer the ship, and trim the sails, while Nikki begins the sailing trip of a lifetime more bilious than a rabbit on a roller coaster, and more like cargo than crew. 

Phil is great at smoothing over problems, and fixing   everything from tangled ropes to broken fan belts, but even he can’t fix the weather, and a cyclone threatens. Getting to Australia is looking unlikely when even getting from one town to another is a challenge.

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Both my house sitting books offer tips and tricks for successful house sitting such as;

       Where to find house sitting positions
       What to put on your application
       How to be a great house sitter
       How to have fun on a limited budget
       How to set up an income that moves with you
       What to pack when travelling
       And much, much more

I had a job managing up to 150 people, but my fiftieth year began with a marriage breakup, redundancy, and depression. My fiftieth year ended in a lovely Gold Coast home, enjoying luxury on a tiny budget.

House sitting changed my life. These books might just change yours.

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