Tips for new House Sitters

Excerpts from the appendix to A Middle-Aged Princess in Tramping Boots by Nikki Ah Wong

Most people find a house to sit on a web site. Type “house sitting” into a search engine to find one in your area. Look for one that has house sits that would suit you and check that listings are kept up to date


Some sites charge home owners and some charge house sitters. I use one that charges house sitters because it has more homes to offer. I also chose one that did not charge extra for looking at listings in other regions


Sign up with your chosen site and post your profile on the site as many people do not list their homes but approach house sitters directly. Highlight your relevant skills and experience. Have someone proofread it so there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.


After your first housesit, ask for a reference. Also ask homeowners if they are happy for you to give their number to families that are considering your services. Once you have references, mention this on your profile. Some people insist on references


Take along, or email, any references you have (even from landlords, or employers) and maybe even copies of your police check and your driver’s licence. Many people do not need them but are very happy to have them. 

Useful Websites

I have done all my house sitting through Aussie House Sitters and have found them to be a good source of homes and very helpful when I have a question, but there are many more

There is even more helpful information in Housesitting in Australia and A Middle-Aged Princess in Tramping Boots. Read more about finding a house sit and applying for a house sit, as well as ideas for before and during your house sit. Both can be purchased online from

If you are serious about house sitting, you might be like to also buy The House Sitters Companion, a helpful journal and planning tool for house sitters.

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I lived on less than $200 a week for nearly three years.

I paid no rent, no utilities, and no landline or hire purchase payments for the whole time. I lived almost fullt-time as a house sitter and have had so much fun. I recommend it as a lifestyle.

I have tips on this page as well as a printable version. (See the link under the tips)

I have books about house sitting that you can buy as well as presentations for public or private groups.

I love house sitting and whether you want to read about it, learn about it, or do it for yourself, I hope you find something here to help.