As seen in My Town magazine.

As heard on ABC Radio

Last year I was asked to take part in a short radio interview about Alternative Accomodation. You can hear the whole interview below. My contribution starts at 02:15.

ABC Radio - Alternative Accomodation.mp3

 My Speaking Schedule 

Last year I was invited to present at libraries in the Moreton Bay Region. I talked about my books and how I lived a royal lifestyle on less than $200 a week by house sitting 


Arana Hills Library

Kallangur Library

Bribie Island Library

Redcliffe Library

North Lakes Library

I talked about my books, my experiences as a house sitter and my adventures living the high life on less than $200 a week. I can do the same for you.

For a printable version, click here

Why invite me to speak?

  • am an ordinary middle aged woman that people can relate to but I have an extra-ordinary life many only dream of
  • I am bright, positive, happy, motivating, inspiring
  • I am doing what many people would love to do

Am I right for your Audience? 

I speak to anyone who is interested in;

  • house sitting as a lifestyle

  • low cost travelling and cheap adventures 

  • writing or publishing a book

What can I talk about?

  • Living (or holidaying) on a Tiny Budget

  • How I lived the high life on less than $200 a week in Australia and New Zealand

  • House Sitting as a career (or even a cheap holiday)

  • What does a house sitter do?Who can be a house sitter?

  • How can someone find house sitting roles and where are the 'good' house sitting jobs?

  • What should you take on an assignment?

  • Free and low cost adventures

  • How to earn an income while travelling

Writing a Book 

  • Independent Publishing

  • How to get started in writing
  • How to self-publish a book for almost free.
  • Getting your book onto
  • Converting a book to kindle


  • What is it? (Hint: It’s an international treasure hunt using GPS)

  • What do I need to do it and where can I do it? 

When am I Available?

  • I am a writer so my schedule is flexible. Contact me on or phone 0457222117

NOTE: To download a PDF copy of this media and public speaking information CLICK HERE