Australian Wildlife

Austalian Animals

After almost four months in Australia I am yet to spot a koala or a snake and the only echidna I have seen has been road kill but I have glimpsed wallabies and kangaroos in their natural element. I have also seen some marvellous Water Dragons, a family of kookaburras, some shy platypuses and lots of bouncy frogs in my headlights. I have been up close and personal with some large cockroaches and rather more of the large furry Huntsman Spiders than I cared to. Apparently crocodiles don’t come this far south.
Here are some pictures from a Tasmanian Wildlife Park I visited.


Apparently koalas only move for about ten minutes each day. This sleepy specimen was brought out from his enclosure for us to admire. He has a bony padding in his rear that helps him sit for long periods and scent glands in his head.


These kangaroos will come right up and eat out of your hands. The park supplies food for visitors to hand around.

Tasmanian Devils

Young Tasmanian devils. This animal is more friendly than its name would suggest. 

Australian Birds

The birds in Australia are bigger and brasher than their NZ counterparts and come in all the colourful hues I have only seen before in aviaries. My favourite are the cockatoos and Galahs. They are large and noisy and settle outside your window in the early morning calling each other in raucous and shrill tones. I recently saw at least twenty birds in one tree. One of my favourites is the stately Ibis with their long legs and hooked beaks. They are quite friendly and fossick in amongst the people eating at the Southbank market in Brisbane city.


There is one bird that tops them all. It makes the sounds of all kinds of birds, as well as clicks like a camera shutter, buzzes like a chainsaw and whirrs like a camera motor drive. To see the amazing Lyre bird in action scroll down to the video below.


Tawny Frogmouth

This family of Tawny Frogmouths was sitting all comfy and cosy in a small tree just outside my window.

Cheeky bird

Many species of bird will make themselves at home on your balcony. They might even fly into the house if you are not careful.


This is a common crow but doesn't it have amazing eyes.  

Hundreds of Lorikeets like these roost in one tree in Redbank Plains. In the early evening they make lots of noise and disturb the neighbours.

Amazing Video

And if you haven't seen this then you are going to love it. The amazing lyre bird makes the sounds he hears all around including dozens of other bird calls and the sound of cameras and chainsaws. Enjoy

 Latest bird photos

These four bird varieties below visit the house I am staying at every day, along with many others including a large flock of pigeons. I took all the photos before breakfast one morning. For more about this wonderful place, please read my Blog.





Cheeky Lizard

Lizard at a cafe in sydney

This cheeky fellow was eating crumbs under a table in a cafe in the heart of Sydney. Beneath the scryscapers and near Darling Harbour is the stunningly laid out Chinese Friendship Gardens. He was quite at home here as you can see below.

The cafe with a friendly lizard