I love it when life gets quirky, fun, and interesting and that is what I write about. Real life adventures; ponies that bite, slurping or slobbering dogs, hidden beaches, and inland trails. Adventures that cost less than a ride at the theme park and are just as much fun.

I used to be a house sitter, never sure where I would be living next, often one week away from being homeless. Never opening a single power bill or paying any rent.

Then I went sailing. There is nothing like a spot of imminent danger to bring life into brilliant colour. We bounced around like a bath toy, but we made it from one beautiful New Zealand port, to the next, albeit trailing ripped sails,  and broken electronics. 

Now I am also an author. It doesn’t pay well, so I still love to find cheap ways to travel and have adventures. I share these ideas and experiences on my travel blog. If you are an author, or have a dream to write a book, then my Author Resources page might be helpful. It took me a long time to learn about getting my books out in the world and I am happy to share what I learned. 

If you are interested in House Sitting then you can find helpful information on my housesitting page including a FREE printable version of some very helpful tips on finding and completing house sits.

My life just gets better and better, and I love to help people find the joy and adventure in their lives. I am a qualified life coach, and I will soon be offering a FREE life coaching course, so check back soon.

Finally, if you belong to a group that would like an interesting speaker, I can do that too. For more information please visit my speaking schedule and media page

Happy travels everyone. 



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